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When I first came to Primary Purpose I was a shell of a woman, broken physically, mentally and spiritually.

The women of Primary Purpose (especially the owner, director, and manager) loved and supported me unconditionally until I could do so for myself. This took quite a long time, but they never wavered.

I am now grateful for what brought me to my knees and this wonderful home. Because of the nurturing and structure, I have a life I never imagined and at the age of 64 I will graduate college!

My love and thanks are limitless…
Karesse Klein

As I sit and write I am overcome with gratitude. When I arrived at Primary Purpose I was in a downward spiral.

My drinking was out of control and I was hurting everyone around me.

I knew I needed help. Help is exactly what I got. From the moment I moved in I was supported with love and structure. I was encouraged to look inside myself and face the conflicts that I was experiencing. I was afraid to do this, but I was held onto by the ladies and surrounded with positive encouragement.

We laugh, cry get silly and support each other. This house has become an extended family for me, it has such a warm environment. After 2 years I finally feel ready to continue my life’s journey, but I know I can reach back here to this amazing house and amazing people anytime I need to.

I started this journey sheltered in a cocoon and emerged as a butterfly ready to spread my wings and fly into the future.

Thank you Primary Purpose, thank you my sisters, you most definitely helped save my life. I am blessed.

Diane 6-11-17

When I arrived at Primary Purpose I had a little over 30 days clean and sober. My life was a mess and I had lost custody of my daughter. It was strongly suggested that I find a structured sober living home to transition into after my short stay in a recovery home.

Primary Purpose was recommended and it was the first and only house I looked at. I immediately knew that I would be able to succeed in the environment it provided. I felt safe and comfortable in the house.

The rules and responsibilities were essential in my early recovery. The women in the house were serious about recovering, and I was inspired by that. The owners and house manager were very attentive, caring, and supportive.

I stayed at Primary Purpose for a year and a half. In that time, I returned to school, started working, and focused on my recovery. Today, I have over 4 years clean and sober.

I have a wonderful job with excellent benefits. I am transferring to a university with a 4.0 GPA to get my Accounting degree. I have regained custody of my daughter and am trying to be the best mother I can be.

Most important, I am happy and enjoying a sober life. I honestly do not know where I would be today had I not landed at a Primary Purpose sober living home.

Katy B.

I was received into the Primary Purpose home in November 2016.

For being my first sober living home, I would not have wanted it any different. Everyone was so helpful and supportive from day one.

I have managed to stay on the right path and move out on my own.

I am truly grateful for everything and everyone that has helped me become a productive member of society.

Thanks again for all the care and love.

– Your truly, Carlos F. 

Primary Purpose has allowed me the opportunity to work my way back into society when I had no money in my pockets.

I had just gotten out of jail when I first was introduced to Primary Purpose and I wanted something different from life besides the same old ways… not to mention a lot of people who also wanted to see me do well in life.

I enjoy the experience of living in Primary Purpose with the people who have lived there before & who live there now.

I am very grateful to Primary Purpose & the wonderful management who have made the house the way it is now….Peaceful.

– Linda

When I arrived at Primary Purpose 2 I envisioned a brick building with cold floors and 11 guys to a room..

I was so pleased to find a beautiful, well lived in house. I was so blessed to find a home to begin my recovery in the real world. I found that the house manager was very kind and helping.

I liked the rules of living in a sober living house. I was a little scared of re-entering society.

The fellow residents quickly gave me advice that would help me in accepting what I had to do. Mary Grayson came into my life when she coached me on how things would work around here. She is tough at times because she knows how we can become lazy in returning to a normal life.
She is loving at the same time. Once I got to know Mary better I understood why she cares so much.

She does not want to see any of us return to active addiction.

Later on I met Beverly and her husband Sam. They have created a safe place for us to set up a plan to becoming normal again. Some residents would come in and could not deal with living in such a clean and well established home.

I fell in love with the place in the first three days. I feel a safe energy within the house. It reminds me how lucky I am to of made it this far.

If there are any addicts who want their recovery to be taken seriously, I recommend coming to live in a house like this. Sometimes we hear what we don’t want to hear.

I hold my clean time very precious to me and I would not have it any other way. Thanks a bunch guys.

– Gizmo